Telecom - Off-Grid Hybrid Power

Rugged, high-performance hybrid power units to power your off-grid telecommunication projects

Rapid Power understands the unique needs of telecommunications companies. The more remote the location, the less likely you’ll be able to tap into the local power grid while you install or upgrade antennas, transmission towers, and base stations. But diesel-only generators are not ideal since they have high operating expenses from fuel transportation and maintenance. We offer a more cost-effective alternative utilizing diesel hybrid power. Our hybrid systems can slash your running costs.

Configured in our hybridized diesel/lithium PowerPlus, or lithium-only Cygnus alongside your existing generators, our off-grid hybrid power systems are perfect for hard-to-reach locations across Canada. Slashing the generators run time by 60-75%, these units significantly reduce the number of refueling trips and reduce the maintenance intervals your diesel generators will require.

Rapid Power’s hybrid power systems offer:

  • Easy installation on existing tower infrastructure
  • Substantial savings on diesel use
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Improved asset life