Rail - Battery Bank Power

Temporary power that minimizes disruption and maximizes operational efficiency

Rapid Power’s mobile hybrid power systems work with your on-site diesel generators to provide on-site power while guaranteeing reduced noise and environmental impact. Our Cygnus and PowerPlus units are built to the highest standards of durability and are able to cope with all types of weather conditions anywhere in Canada. Because they utilize battery bank power to cut your diesel generators’ run time by 60-75%, these units significantly reduce the number of refueling trips and reduce the maintenance intervals your diesel generators will require.

An example of where you can use these units is in tunneling applications. After calculating the power requirements, roll the sufficient units into the tunnel at the beginning of the shift. Roll them back out at the end of the shift to be recharged. This eliminates concerns about running diesel in a confined space.

Benefits of Rapid Power’s hybrid systems:

  • Reduced CO2, NOx, and PM emissions
  • Increased power system uptime
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Improved health and safety for your staff and the public