Industrial - Diesel Backup Power

Resilient power generation equipment that keeps your operations running smoothly

Rapid Power specializes in serving industrial businesses in the Toronto area, which often require backup generators to supply large amounts of power. Our diesel and natural gas prime power equipment isn’t connected to a power grid, so you’ll have emergency backup power even when the grid fails, without any loss of efficiency. This makes them ideal for manufacturing firms, refineries, milling facilities, chemical processing plants, and off-grid job sites.

We have a full range of products to accommodate all your requirements, from the smallest sites to the largest production facilities requiring industrial-grade power systems. Our power systems reduce fuel consumption, allowing you to save a significant amount of money throughout your project.

Rapid Power’s systems provide:

  • Reliable on-site power supply
  • Real-time system performance reports
  • Reduced noise and pollution
  • Reduced fuel usage