Festivals & Events - Silent Power Solutions

Reliable, low-emission power for events of any size across Canada

Power has significant implications for the practical, economic and environmental success of any event. Incorporating battery banks or Hybrid Power Generators (HPGs) can reduce carbon emissions, provide a strong green message to audiences and sponsors, and cut down noise and fuel costs.

Battery bank power stations can provide consistent, clean, silent power for installations around any event. Whether behind a food stand or beside the main stage, organizers can count on the reliable power they need without fumes, emissions or roaring motors to overwhelm the sounds of a great event.

Rapid Power carries a range of units for sale or rent, from small, wheeled 2kW and 5kW battery banks up to trailered units of 77kW and more.

Benefits of using our battery banks and hybrid power generators for your event:

  • Power in emissions-sensitive areas
  • Power in difficult terrain
  • More location flexibility
  • Reduced carbon emissions and diesel fumes
  • Reduced fuel consumption and fuel bills
  • Reduced cabling requirements
  • Zero noise
  • Interconnection with green branding
  • Can be used indoors and in confined spaces