Broadcast Media Production Silent Power

Silent, reliable battery bank power for location shoots and outdoor broadcasts

Lithium battery banks are revolutionising the way film productions are powered. Capable of complementing or completely replacing loud, noxious diesel generators, they deliver silent, emissions-free power that dramatically reduces running cost. Drastically reduced cabling and zero noise, just reliable power when you want it, where you need it. All guided by data-driven insights from our wireless, real-time energy management and GPS systems. Mobile battery banks allow you to film in the most challenging environments, including noise and emissions-sensitive locations, remote sites and confined spaces. Now you can design your set around your vision, not your power needs.

We have a range of units available for sale or rent, from 2kW up to 77kW. Contact us to discuss your project.

Our mobile power systems for the broadcast sector are:

  • Ideal for on-site productions
  • Easy and quick to deploy
  • Robust
  • Zero emissions
  • Zero noise - truly silent operation