All your questions about our products answered

For permanent stationary generators, almost every generator we install uses the same natural gas that your home does. This is because, even when the power goes out, it’s exceedingly rare for buried natural gas lines to stop delivering fuel to your generator. It’s also much more cost effective than diesel or traditional gas generators.

Yes! In fact, the most common brands and models of generators can use either natural gas or propane with only minor configuration. You can select your fuel source by turning a valve inside the generator and adjusting settings on the controller.

Each generator is equipped with overload protection. In the event of an overload, it will trigger a circuit breaker that will shut down the generator before damage is done. Once the circuit load has been reduced, a simple breaker reset will restore power.

Absolutely. We install all generators with a cold weather package to make sure you're ready for any weather condition.

On generators 20 kW or smaller, routine maintenance should be performed every 200 hours of total run time, 48 hours of continuous runtime, or every 12 months, whichever is first. On larger generators, it depends on the model, type of fuel, and how you are using it. Contact us today to learn more about our regular maintenance packages!